How Skin Needling Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin

How Skin Needling Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin

How Skin Needling Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin

Remember the days when keeping skin youthful and healthy meant harsh treatments and invasive procedures such as plastic surgery? Fortunately, innovating technology and groundbreaking techniques have allowed the skincare industry to achieve amazing anti-aging results with far less time, hassle, downtime, risk, and expense.

If you are struggling with acne scars, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, or poor skin tone, read on to learn about one of the most popular treatments we offer at Fresh Skin Clinicskin needling.

In this article, you will learn about skin needling – its benefits, who is it for, and how it works to rejuvenate your skin.

  1. What Is Skin Needling?
  2. How Does Skin Needling Work?
  3. What Conditions Can Microneedling Treat?
  4. How Does Skin Needling Benefit the Skin?
  5. Skin Needling and Skin Rejuvenation
  6. What Happens To Skin After Skin Needling?
  7. How Often Should Skin Needling Be Done?
  8. Are the Results of Skin Needling Permanent?
  9. Who Should Avoid Skin Needling?
  10. Want To Learn More About the Rejuvenating Effects of Skin Needling?

What Is Skin Needling?

Skin needling also referred to as micro-needling or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. The procedure involves puncturing the skin with fine needles using a precise method to create a controlled skin injury.


How Does Skin Needling Work?

In response to the tiny needle punctures, the skin responds by creating more collagen and elastin, critical skin components that naturally decline with age and sun exposure.

The result? Noticeably smoother texture and softer skin. With time, skin needling can lead to increased tightness, more youthful-looking skin, a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, and a marked improvement in scarring.

By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, skin needling can help restore elasticity, smoothness, firmness, even tone, and improved texture. It is an excellent treatment for overall skin rejuvenation and improvement.

What Conditions Can Microneedling Treat?

Skin needling can be used to treat and improve a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Pore size
  • Brown spots
  • Stretch marks
  • Loose skin
  • Poor texture
  • Pigment issues
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars

How Does Skin Needling Benefit the Skin?

Skin needling benefits include:

  • It does not involve surgery or invasive methods
  • It is suitable for almost all skin types, including thin, sensitive, or darker skin tones
  • It improves collagen and elastin production, two components of skin that provide structure, elasticity, support, and smoothness
  • Diminished appearance of scars or stretch marks
  • Improved overall skin texture and radiance
  • Improvement in hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces acne and blackheads
  • Visibly smaller pores, especially around the nose
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates healing and repair
  • Helps tighten the skin
  • Triggers growth factors
  • Prevents signs of ageing
  • It offers little to no downtime and minimal risk of side effects

Skin treatment using derma roller.

Skin Needling and Skin Rejuvenation

If you are interested in ageing gracefully, promoting healthy skin, and preventing new wrinkles, consider adding skin needling to your anti-ageing routine. Combined with other effective, non-invasive anti-ageing treatments and an effective skincare routine, skin needling treatments can be a safe, powerful way to achieve your healthiest skin possible.

By encouraging your skin to make more collagen, skin needling helps promote collagen-rich tissue and skin that is more even in tone and smoother in texture.

What Happens To Skin After Skin Needling?

Skin needling is a non-invasive procedure, unlike harsh laser treatments or plastic surgery. This means it typically requires little to no downtime, is comfortable to undergo, and involves few side effects.

Following skin needling treatment, individuals often report mild skin irritation and redness for several days after the procedure. This is the skin’s natural response to the controlled injury that the needles cause to the skin.

After skin needling, individuals can usually return to their normal activities as long as they are comfortable. Some people choose to camouflage any redness with makeup (such as for the first few days after the procedure.

Skin needling also makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, making sunscreen imperative. Post-procedure, it is also important to:

  • Do not use skin products containing alcohol
  • Avoid harsh skincare products
  • Do not exfoliate the skin
  • Follow the post-procedure routine recommended by your practitioner
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Avoid tobacco use
  • Limit strenuous physical activity

How Often Should Skin Needling Be Done?

Skin needling is typically performed in a series of four to six sessions, spaced about a month apart. Following the initial series of microneedling treatments, it is recommended to undergo a maintenance regime to maintain results.

Most individuals choose to have two maintenance treatments performed twice a year, but an experienced practitioner can help you determine the ideal routine for your unique skin care needs and goals.

Are the Results of Skin Needling Permanent?

Many individuals wonder how long the effects of skin needling treatments will last. While it is difficult to answer this with an exact time frame, results can typically be expected to last around three to six months. Results can be prolonged with a proper skincare routine and maintenance treatments.

Because each individual is unique, results are affected by factors such as sun exposure, skin health, skincare routine, age, and the severity of the issue treated.

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Who Should Avoid Skin Needling?

If you are wondering who skin needling is for, you’ll be glad to know that skin needling is considered safe and effective for almost anyone over the age of 18 who is in good health.

However, skin needling should be avoided if an individual is pregnant or has:

  • Active acne
  • Wound healing conditions
  • Skin diseases, such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Active infections or lesions
  • Open wounds

Want To Learn More About the Rejuvenating Effects of Skin Needling?

If you are dealing with large pores, acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, or poor skin tone, reach out to our experienced team of skincare specialists today to learn about how skin needling can help you achieve healthier skin.

We are here to answer all of your questions, recommend the most effective products for your skin type and concerns, and provide you with the highest quality skin care treatments administered by highly trained, specialised skincare experts.

We take a customised, comprehensive approach to skincare to ensure you achieve the healthiest, most luminous, radiant skin of your life.

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