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Dermotechnology service

Naturally Tighten Your Skin

Have you looked in the mirror and wished you could improve your complexion without the use of plastic surgery, harsh lasers, or injectables? Good news — groundbreaking advancements in the world of skincare have made it possible to achieve healthy, glowing skin with gentle, safe skin treatments such as Dermotechnology.

The Electrolift by Dermotechnology is an innovative, patented treatment based around scientifically proven French technology. It uses 7 different micro-currents combined with the electroporation method to provide a safe, gentle, effective way to address a vast range of skincare concerns.

This professional treatment, often dubbed a “non-surgical facelift”, works to naturally tighten the skin and improve tone and texture. Restore your skin from the inside out with this advanced, gentle concept that allows specially formulated nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to penetrate deep within the skin without relying on harsh treatments, needles, or thermal or physical stressors.

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$ 299
  • We recommend several sessions to achieve ideal results.

What Are the Benefits?

From your very first Dermotechnology treatment and through consistent sessions, this groundbreaking skin treatment works to:

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve skin laxity
  • Brighten the complexion and boost overall glow
  • Increase skin plumpness
  • Improve skin tightness
  • Enhance skin resiliency
  • Provide a “workout” for the skin
  • Provide lifting effects
  • Minimise the appearance of pores
  • Enhance skin brightness
  • Optimise circulation and promote lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lift and tighten the neck
  • Tighten saggy skin from head to toe
  • Soften scarring
  • Promote the healing of rosacea or acne
Benefits of dermotechnology
Fresh Skin Clinic team

Why choose us

With over 28 years of experience and a genuine passion for skincare and the wellbeing of our clients, our team of skincare experts at the Fresh Skin Clinic is here to help you achieve resilient, healthy, glowing skin. Our skin therapists use their advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technology to deliver serious results — all through safe, non-invasive skin treatments that provide maximum results with minimal side effects or downtime.

Along with Dermotechnology, we specialise in a wide range of skincare treatments, including clinical peels, skin needling, enzyme therapy, skin rejuvenation, light therapy, collagen induction therapy, permanent hair reduction, dermablading, microdermabrasion, acne treatment, and more.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the best skin treatments in Perth and how our skin therapists can help you achieve your healthiest skin ever. We would be honoured to create a customised treatment plan involving innovative, safe, gentle, affodrable anti-aging treatments that target your skin type, condition, and concerns.

Treat Yourself or Someone Else

Give the gift of great skin. Our skin clinic gift vouchers allow the recipient to choose their own skincare journey.


Dermotechnology treatment:

  • Is Non-invasive
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Is natural and pain-free
  • Is often referred to as a “non-surgical facelift” or “a workout for the skin”
  • Serves as an effective alternative to injections, harsh skin treatments, and surgeries
  • Can be used as both a face and body treatment
  • Can be used in conjunction with other skin treatments
  • Is suitable for all skin types, genders, and skin concerns
  • Is gentle yet powerful
  • Has zero downtime or side effects
  • Is highly effective and safe
  • Is based on scientifically proven technology and revolutionary research
  • Provides both immediate and long-term results with continued treatments

Dermotechnology serums feature the highest quality, plant-based ingredients and are free of:

  • Animal derivatives
  • Oils
  • Parabens
  • Toxic additives
  • Surfactants
  • Perfumes
  • Silicones
  • Artificial colours
  • Chemicals

We typically recommend a total of 5 to 8 Dermotechnology sessions for optimal results.

From there, occasional maintenance sessions will help keep your skin looking naturally youthful and revitalised while continuing to build on your current results.

Dermotechnology provides an effective option for treating the body from head to toe. Treatment often focuses on areas such as the face, neck, and jowls, but dermotechnology can also be used to target:

  • Sagging skin above the knees
  • Areas with stretch marks
  • Sagging elbow skin
  • The scalp to promote hair growth
  • The legs to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Age spots or sun damage on the backs of the hands

Dermotechnology treatments are painless, relaxing, and take just 20 to 30 minutes per session.

Begin Your Journey - Book A Consult Today

Are you interested in learning more about how Dermotechnology can help you achieve your best skin ever? We invite you to contact our talented, caring team of skin experts to find out which treatments are best suited to your skin’s needs and goals.

Whether you are dealing with ageing concerns, acne, sun damage, scarring, rosacea, eczema, or hyperpigmentation, our team of skincare experts can analyse your skin and develop a personalised treatment plan to help you transform your complexion and be proud of the skin you’re in.

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